Technology and quality

Furgokit strengths in order are experience, research, technique and constructive ability in order to create solutions tailored to customer needs. What makes the efficiency of the production process possible are man and technology. Growing, improving and evolving are the guiding concepts of Furgokit innovation since 1990, when Eugenio Pezzaioli started the company. Today these ideals are carried out with commitment by his sons Federica, Francesca and Matteo.

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1990 Eugenio Pezzaioli started Furgokit
1996 The smooth without rivets kit was created
1998 1st company expansion
1999 The insulated kit was born
2001 Arrival of the modular aluminum subframe
2002 ISO9001:2015 certification
2006 Products restyling
2008 2nd company expansion
2010 Start of production of Isothermal kits, panels and floors
2014 Enriching the range: Duralite and Ecolite
2015 3rd company expansion
2016 The ISO 60 kit was born
2017 New products restyling / Cemafroid credited
2019 4th company expansion
2020 Furgokit turns 30 years old